Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sneaking one in

Riding singletrack on November 9th in Teton Valley, ID? With our weather heading for a change I snuck in one more mtn bike ride at lunchtime today with my trusty sidekick Kenai. This is definitely the latest into the season I have ridden on singletrack in the six years I have lived here.

After this weekend, we may be done on the dirt until May.

The exposed stuff was dry but anything in the shade was a bit muddy.
Kenai had his game face on...actually he was just pissed I was stopping to snap a pic.

My plan is to try for another mtb ride on Saturday unless the storm comes in early. In fact, I am hoping that Chris E. will join me and let me try out his Turner Sultan so I can finally experience the greatness of a FS 29er. This could be dangerous to my checkbook.


Ed said...

We're living on borrowed time!!!

Good one Dave. I got out for a gorgeous lunch ride today.


Chris "Jigidy" Jensen said... your blog, probably seen you on the trails. Damn fine biking weather we have had this can't last forever.
If you get a chance check out my blog.