Friday, August 10, 2007

Time for a binge

No, not that kind of binge! As I rode by the "beer shack" today I wondered if Dicky came through here and drank all of their beer and put them out of business? This abandoned bar is in the middle-of-nowhere Idaho on the way to West Yellowstone.

It is time for a riding binge and today was day one of back to back to back long rides. The plan is lay down three big weeks of training and then taper for the 24 Hours of Targhee. The last big ride of my three week training block will be the 100K version of the E100 in Park City on the 25th. I won't exactly be fresh and snappy for this one but it should provide 9 hours of great race training.

Heading north from Driggs is a great stretch of road with miles and miles of rolling terrain and very few cars. Today's ride was 86 miles with 3700' of climbing in 4:32:00.

Tomorrow will be on dirt.


D.P. said...

Is that the bar in Kilgore?

Dave said...

The abandoned bar is in Lamont, ID...which is pretty much just a cluster of grain psylos and a couple of houses. :)