Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Mesa Falls Trail riding

There is no rest for the weary since Michelle now has snow biking fever as well. I probably could have used some rest today after Friday's big ride with JayP and then a short ride in soft conditions on Saturday but we had a good weather window before the next snow and I wanted to show Michelle the Mesa Falls Trail.

The Big Falls Inn at Upper Mesa Falls is open on the weekends for snowmobilers stop in and warm up so they were pretty surprised to see two bikes pull up. They had a fire going and hot tea for anyone who wanted some. Sweet!

Upper Mesa Falls on the Henry's Fork.

The Henry's Fork below the falls.

When we got home from our ride today I noticed this little problem. The bead has separated from the sidewall and the tube is bulging out next to the rim on my rear tire. I don't know how I made it back to the truck without a blowout and there would have been no fixing this on the trail. I actually added air about one hour into our 2 1/2 hour ride today and I know I would have noticed it then. I did notice my rear tire showing signs of wear on the sidewalls on Saturday's ride and I was a little concerned that they were wearing already. With the soft conditions this weekend I rode at 5 PSI a lot but I didn't think that would be low enough to cause this! I have seen the sidewalls "crinkle" a bit at their softest while pedaling but I have never felt like I was riding on the rim. I wonder if Surly will warranty this.

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