Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 Pierre’s Hole 100-Mile Race Report

Quick Stats

Place: 2nd, Solo Men 40+ 
Time: 9:46:22
Mileage:  91.5 (Many were thankful it was NOT a full 100 miles this year)
Elevation Gain: Depends on your Garmin

13,743' (My Garmin 500)
14,199' (Gabe Klamer's Garmin 500) 
12,841' (Dale Cook's Garmin 500)

Pierre's Hole was my favorite race in 2012 and somehow it got even better for 2013.  And, you're not going to believe this, it is going to be even better in 2014.  How is that possible?  There will be more singletrack in Rick's Basin and the the "death climb" up Dry Creek from the ranch is being eliminated.  That is the inside scoop and you heard it here!

My strategy for this year's PH100 was simple:  Focus on the process. Stay on the gas.

When I am able to execute this simple strategy, a good race is usually the result and this day was no exception.  My fueling plan was solid and my pacing was good.  Most importantly, my head was the right place and I was able to stay positive and focus for every minute of this 9 hour & 46 minute race.

Speaking of staying positive, the incredible views didn't hurt my mental state. I usually don't notice a lot of the scenery while racing because my head is down and I am just trying to survive.  During the PH100, it is impossible NOT to notice the stunning views surrounding you in this race.  From the views of the Grand Teton on Lightning Loop & the Peaked Mountain Trails to the gorgeous purple wildflowers in Rick's Basin, the course was visually stunning throughout.       

Although I am very happy with my performance and execution, this race will provide a lot of training motivation over the next year.  I have placed 2nd in the Vet Mens 40+ 100-mile race at PH100 for three years in a row.  That is all I am going to say about that.
The following video does a much better job of portraying the stoke factor than my ramblings could ever do.  Watch it in HD, and then mark your calendar for 2014!

A few pics to wrap things up:

For a very brief moment, I was leading Fiddee Cent!

Descending 38 Special on the first lap...greatness!

Andy Williams, presenting the cool trophy to Dale Cook, Vet Men 40+ Winner

Vet Men 40+ Podium

My stone-cold homies and I with the coveted PH100 Belt Buckle