Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pierre’s Hole is this Saturday, August 3rd!

To say that I am stoked for this one would be an understatement.  Sure, this used to be my backyard so I am biased.  Regardless, Grand Targhee in August is pretty special.  Racing an NUE 100-miler at Grand Targhee in August is just friggin’ awesome!  The Pierre's Hole race continues to evolve and get better each year.
Sweet new logo for 2013 with a nod to the bears that live in the area
What’s new for 2013? 
  • Sweet new Logo!
  • 3 Laps instead of 4
  • 7 miles of NEW singletrack on Peaked Mountain (built during late summer of 2012)
  • Over 2,300’ of nearly non-stop descending from the top of Peaked Mountain to the bottom of Mill Creek in Teton Canyon.  Hell Yeah!
  • New rerouts around old, rutted trails in Rick’s Basin
  • Grand Targhee's own Andy Williams is now the sole race director, so you know it will be done right!
  • Better race flow through the base area
  • Aid #1 & Aid #4 are only a couple hundred yards apart so your support crew can easily take care of you while covering less ground
As of today, the race day forecast looks good! 

NOTE: This is the Tetons.  Pack your rain jacket, wind vest, arm warmers, leg warmers, and puffy just in case.


Does the 100-Mile Race really have 18,000' of climbing?
No.  There has been some concern regarding the previously advertised 6,000’ of climbing per lap.  The actual amount of climbing per lap is somewhere between 4,500’ and 4,700’ according to the most recent Garmin files I have seen. 

Will finish times be faster this year?
This one is hard to predict with accuracy but I am guessing that the Open Men’s winning time will be 45’ to 60’ faster than in 2012Evan Plews won the 2012 Men's Open race in 8:44:56.  Will someone go sub 8 hours in 2013? 

Is the Dry Creek Climb really that bad?
Yes. Wrap your brain around it 'cause you will do it 3x.

According to the Garmin Connect files, it looks like the race is less than 100-miles. Is this correct?
Yes.  Andy Williams could have added some extra trail to make it 100 miles but this race is going to be plenty hard as it is. 

Is the 50-Mile course different from the 100-mile and 50K course?
The 50-mile racers do not descend Bustle Creek or Climb Dry Creek. For both laps, 50-mile racers will climb Ski Hill Rd from Teton Canyon to Grand Targhee Resort.  

Let's Break It Down, Shall We?

GPX files from Garmin Connect:

2013 Pierre's Hole 100-Mile Laps 2 and 3

2013 Pierre's Hole 50 & 100 Mile Lap #1 PRT Climb

2013 Pierre's Hole 50-Mile Lap 2

For Your Visual Stimulation:


Well, are you in?  You have until 11:59 PM MST tonight to register on Athlete360.  See you bright and early at the Ghee on Saturday.


Hamilton said...

I'm sad, no P's H for me this year. Leave some sweat out there on the trails for those who cannot! I hope to re-up some day soon, hopefully sooner than Master's 50+; but I am looking forward to experiencing the race vicariously. I think you have a special one up your sleeve!!

Dave Byers said...

Thanks Hami! I can't wait for your "comeback" and look forward to riding with you again sometime soon.

Tony Jewell said...

Hi Dave, I'm going to be shooting the race! I haven't been on the Peaked or 38 Special trail yet, but thinking this could be a good area for shooting. Any thoughts? Tony

Dave Byers said...

Tony - Glad to hear that a professional photographer will be out on the course. Since I am now in Boise, I haven't had a chance to ride the new Peaked Trail or 38-Special. However, based on this post, it looks like somewhere near the top of the Peaked climb would be great: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=529806723729231&set=a.180183685358205.37346.180182908691616&type=1&theater

You could catch the 50K & 50-milers on their first lap if you were up there and in position around 8:45AM. The 100-milers should be coming through on their second lap not long after that.

Anonymous said...

As usual Dave, a thorough and informative pre-race write up!! Only wish I could be there. Best of luck to you. Galena Grinder on the 10th and then still trying to get into PCPTP. Hope to see you soon. Ketchum Kyle.

Tony Jewell said...

That's pretty much the conclusion I came up with as well. I also talked to Andy and he suggested the first turn on 38 Special. I scouted it and it's an awesome spot. So I'll likely be there or on the third turn. I'm thinking I'm going to get there early and get you guys on your first lap. Otherwise, I'll see you on your second. Remember to smile! Have a great race!