Monday, December 17, 2012

Kringle Kross

What a great final day of cross racing for 2012!  In my opinion, the Kringle Kross course was the best of the year.  The course was really hard, it had a little of everything, AND the Waffle Cross crew did a great job creating a festive atmosphere by decorating parts of the course.  Did anyone else feel like their legs were going to fall off after the gradual climb immediately after the stairs run-up?  I was cryin’ for my momma there every lap.

Santa slimmed down and jumped into the Masters 35+ race
In my final cyclocross race of the season, I finally managed to suck a little bit less.  Woohoo!  Sure, my legs were screaming at me at times and I was drooling on my top tube, but I rode the tricky sandy corners well and stayed smooth the whole time.

Kringle Kross Highlights:

  • Cousin Eddy on the mic all day (National Lampoon Christmas Vacation reference)
  • Santa racing the Masters 35+
  • Yukon Cornelius with Peppermint Schnapps hand-ups for the brave
  • Huge donation table for Toys for Tots.  Bike racers are RAD!
  • Bob’s Red Mill waffles!
  • Costumed riders everywhere
  • Christmas decorations around the course and podium. Nice touch!

I definitely finished the cross season on a high note and I thoroughly enjoyed my first Boise cross season.  Now that I know what to expect out of a full cross season, I cannot wait for next year.  I am coming for you Zuber! Ha! 

Grabbing some brake before the 90-degree corner at the bottom

Santa had to grab his "B" bike, powered by Rudolph on the bars


Even some of the vehicles were decorated

Rooster the Rhodesian looking very festive

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