Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting Fat in July

When I saw the spy photos from K-Edge World headquarters here in Boise I had to share them.  Their latest project involves three of my favorite bike topics:

1) I love Fat Bikes
2) I love bright orange bikes
3) I have a weakness for the latest tech...and Ki2 certainly falls into that category

The 907 orange frame just pops!  I haven't seen the bike in person but based on the pics I would say that they are using 100mm E13 cranks with two rings + K-Edge Ring Guard  in the front and a Shimano XTR 10 speed 11-36 cassette in the rear which would provide acceptable gearing for most snow or dirt riding.  It is awesome to see so many companies embracing Fat Bikes.

I wonder if they will track down some Boise State blue pogies for winter riding up a Bogus Basin?   

Ki2 Controlled Fat Back...Yeah Baby!
Rocking the Boise State theme
Very clean cockpit

Ultegra Di2 Rear Derailleur with Ki2 cage
No shift cables!


Adam Meyer said...

Yeah, you definitely need electronic shifting on your fat bike Dave.

Cables are so 2011.

Dave Byers said...

Adam - with bike gear, it's never really about "need" is it? I am sure you can relate. ;)

Adam Meyer said...

Yeah, all you really "need" is air, shelter, water and food... but cool new bike technology really instills a deep level of lust in bike geeks like us. Credit card companies salivate over our kind.

In all reality though, will Di2 work on a snow bike when it's 20 below? If not, I guess you could just single speed it!

Dave Byers said...

Adam - I would gladly volunteer for some low-temp testing if they would like me to be a guinea pig. :) Generally speaking, Lithium batteries are pretty good in the cold and if a regular charge lasts for months (literally) then I am sure we can get one really long ride out of a charge.