Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chasing The Moose.

Nordic Racing, Take 3: The Moose Chase, Feb 18th at Trail Creek Nordic Center - Wilson, WY

The Moose Chase was my third Nordic race of the winter and my third Nordic ever. The track at Trail Creek is beautiful yet evil. At this point in my young Nordic racing career, it is by far the most challenging place I have skied and exposed all of my weaknesses as a Nordic skier...and there are many.

I decided to do the 15K instead of the 30K and I felt guilty about all the way up until we started. Endurance cycling is my thing and yet I was choosing the "Half Moose" option. Having skied a lap of the 15K course with Sir Marc Llinares on Wednesday, I was pretty sure that I was making the correct choice...but I still felt guilty. There were a couple of times during our Wednesday pre-ski that I wanted to lie down in the trail and have a good cry. It was absolutely kicking my ass. That lap was invaluable today. I knew where I could recover, where to get on the gas, and which corners to look ouy for. Next year, racing the 30K Moose will be a goal for sure.

I really enjoy the technical aspect of Nordic skiing. Plus, anything that hurts that bad must be good for me right? My V1 uphill is getting better but only on my right side. My left side is out of sync. I can't V2 to save my life. I think I can V2 Alternate but I am not positive I am doing it correctly. And then there is cornering on these silly skinny skis. My downhill cornering on skate skis is more like "survival" but I am snow plowing less and step-turning more.

Before you can chase a moose, you must prepare for the chase:

One more Nordic race for me this season: The TVTAP Alta-Vista Skate Race next Saturday. I am stepping up for the 20K!


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Dear Dave,

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Of course there is a gift shop for those of you looking to add to you collection! Santa may find an item or 2 has been added to my wish list.