Saturday, January 7, 2012

Keepin' it in the family

My stone-cold homie has a new ride

Gabe took delivery my Ti Fatback today and we immediately drove to Horseshoe Canyon to break it in properly for him. I am stoked that this bike will stay in the family and doubly stoked that Gabe now has a Fat Bike. It is always good to have more Fat Bike riding buddies. The bike fits him perfectly and he was immediately "sending it" on the downhills.

Our ride today was 20.8 miles with 2,550' of climbing and took us 2:58:00 moving time. Conditions on the groomed snowmobile trails in Big Holes are as good as it gets right now and I plan to go back tomorrow and climb to Relay Ridge and then rip down the 508 Trail...which may be the best snow bike downhill on the planet. The "Year Of The Fat Bike" continues. Viva La Fat Bike!

Detailed post on the 2012 Fatback build still to come...


Anonymous said...

As soon as he clips in he's gonna start throwing tabletops! Welcome to the fat tire revolution! Nate C.

Dave Saurman - Livin' The Dream said...

way to go Gabe, about time.