Monday, September 19, 2011

New and Improved Local Ride

It feels a little like Christmas when I discover a so-so local trail has been re-worked and now deserves to be added back into the rotation.

Spooky Trail was one of the first "real" mountain bike rides I ever tackled. My buddy Rick introduced me to Spooky Trail and was patient as I lost weight, became more fit, and learned how to ride a mountain bike. He used to wait for me...a lot. We used to do out and back rides on Spooky Trail and back then I thought we were "gettin' epic"! I chuckle now when I think about where we used to turn around during our after work out-and-back rides.

To go beyond Spooky & Corral Creek used to mean encountering increasingly rugged trail and guaranteed hike-a-bike due to loose, steep, and rutted trails. The Forest Service has rebuilt the trail beyond Spooky (Trail 077) into an ATV super-highway but I am not complaining. They added switchbacks, huge water bars, bridges in key spots, and turned a slog into a cool out-and-back ride. I don't mind a wide trail when the scenery is as gorgeous as it is in the Big Holes.

The final climb to Piney Pass

This ride used to be a slog with great views as the reward. Now it is a fun ride with great views as a bonus.

Michelle shredding the wide track

Rick and Michelle on Trail 077

We had perma-grin the whole ride

The Corral Creek singletrack is a great descent early in the ride and a moderate climb on the way out.

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