Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pierre's Hole 100 - Quick Report

Podium Stoke!

Total Time: 10:45:00
Result: 2nd Place, Men's 40+
Adversity: Numb hands, leg cramps, 3 punctures
Highlights: Mill Creek descent on Laps 2-4, hanging with friends post-race, the coolest "Finisher" prize ever - a handmade ceramic Pierre's Hole mug
Climbing: 14,433' (According to Topofusion)

What an awesome day! Full race report to follow.


Dave Harris said...

Wow Dave, killer stats - great job! 3 punctures and you still pulled 2nd? You gotta by flying right now!

Brad Mullen said...

Great job Dave. The good mojo continues to flow.

Jeff Higham said...

Nice work Dave. I've finished right behind Curt twice this year in 100-milers. He is a tough guy to get (and stay) in front of. Solid work on 2nd!