Monday, July 11, 2011

SS Stoke

Scott Taylor, aka Captain Cream Puff, still greets every finisher after 15 years

My fourth Cream Puff was by far my best for many reasons that I will elaborate on later in great detail.

Quick Stats:
- Time: 10:49:00
- 8th Place Open Singlespeed
- 4 minutes behind my hero, I mean arch rival, gluten-free SS hardman Hamilton Smith
- No bonks, no mechanicals, no low moments...just pedal to the metal for almost 11 glorious hours
- Longest ride on the SS to date (and my body is feeling it)
- Best course of the four that I have raced

I love the Puff!


Dina said...

Congrats! more photos!

JenyJo said...


"just pedal to the metal for almost 11 glorious hours."

that is some serious ss stoke!!! can't wait for the long version!!



Dave Harris said...

That is simply awesome Dave! Looking forward to the fine details, but for now I've got a date with my SS :)

Lynda Wallenfels said...


Love that finish line smile!! That's what it is all about :-)

T-Race said...

Way to go Dave!