Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Santa Cruz Tallboy Frame - SOLD

5/13/11 UPDATE: SOLD

I am selling my large Santa Cruz Tallboy frame with a Cane Creek 110 tapered headset. I would prefer to sell it locally but I will list it on Ebay this Sunday, May 15th. Please pass this along if you know someone who might be interested.

Asking $1,800 for frame and headset. Retail is $2556 ($2,400 for frame + $156 for headset)

I bought the frame new in late September 2010 and rode it through October 2010. Then winter came…and is still here in Victor, ID. It was ridden three days in St. George in January and two more days in April. I think it has less than 12 days total on the frame. There is a scratch on the left rear chainstay where the brake rotor dinged the frame during a wheel swap. There are also minor cable rub marks on the head tube and a mark where the front derailleur was mounted.

I will accept cash, check (from friends), or PayPal. If you pay with a credit card using PayPal, an additional 2.9% will be added to the price.


A said...

I'm interested in the tallboy. What kind of shock is on that and why are you selling?


Dave said...

A. - email me at dave do byers at coolersoft dot com and I will give you the scoop. The shock is an RP23.

Anonymous said...

are interested in buying the frame and you pay shipping with
Paypal. I send you my e-mail:
franco.fea@lys- competence.it.


Mary Pena said...

Good readingg this post