Monday, November 8, 2010

CX Racing in Rexburg

“Holy shit, racing bicycles is fun” I say to myself as I look ahead at third place.
With two laps to go, I sit in fourth, on the wheel of third place, planning my attack.
And then I lose concentration in the singletrack, bobble a turn, and almost wreck.
The gap is now 25 yards.
The off-camber grass suits me and I ride smooth, gaining on my nemesis.
I dig deeper to grab his wheel before we hit the pavement.
Stay focused through the singletrack this time.
We exit the singletrack wheel to wheel.
At the left-hander onto the grass, I make my move.
Attack the last barrier, don’t stutter-step the remount, pedal!
Don’t look back.
A glorious third place effort.

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