Monday, August 16, 2010

Park City Weekend

Michelle and I escaped to Park City for some Point to Point course recon and binge riding this past weekend. I managed to ride 11.5 hours in two days and was sufficiently tired Sunday evening but I am already looking forward to going back over Labor Day to race the PCPP.

The Mid Mountain Trail

The PCPP course is a little like Jekyl & Hyde in that some sections are buffed and fast while other sections are rough and punishing. One common trait shared by all sections of the course is "climbing". Every time you leave an aid station at the PCPP, you better get your head wrapped around the fact that you are fixin' to climb for a while.

You have to earn this view from Bow Hunter at 9,200'...unless you purchase a Deer Valley lift ticket.

There is a new, very rough, section of the Mid Mountain Trail between Park City & The Canyons

A note about the Mid Mountain Re-Route: I bummed to see the new Mid Mountain Trail in its rough and raw state. Maybe the trail was recently machine-cut and is still a work-in-progress? However, when I think of Park City as a mountain bike destination I think of forested, buffed, swoopy riding on the Mid Mountain Trail. Of course there are other great trails in PC but the Mid Mountain Trail is the crown jewel. My fingers are crossed that over time the new section of trail will be as fabulous as the rest of the Mid Mountain Trail.

Railroad Earth played a free concert at The Canyons Saturday night

Michelle and Kenai enjoying the band from the balcony


JZ said...

Yeah, the new sections suck (for now). The new switchbacks that you descend (following the PCP2P course) are just a few weeks old and the ones you climb are a couple of months old.

I am heading up your way for the Pierre's Hole 100 this weekend. I have never ridden those trails. How does that course compare (besides being four laps and including pavement)?

Dave said...

JZ - The Pierre's course has a lot of variety. There is sweet singletrack through Aspens, rough doubletrack descending, a little pavement, and sweet forested singletrack (Mill Creek).

JZ said...

Any suggestion on what section to pre-ride if I don't want to do a whole lap?

Dave said...

JZ - a whole lap the day before would be too big in my opinion. I would ride the singletrack starting from Targhee and do a loop around Rick's Basin.

JZ said...

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Thanks for the suggestion.