Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Boise 9 to 5

I have decided to try a new event and plan to race the Boise 9 to 5 on June 12th.

Roughly 1,000' of climbing per lap should feel very Targhee-like

Here are my "Top Ten" reasons for racing the Boise 9 to 5
10. I have never ridden in Boise, ID and this is a great excuse
9. Boise is only 5 hours away
8. It is the perfect occasion to bust out the new Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team
EZ-Up tent
7. Odds are good that I won’t go off course since it is a only a 9-mile lap
instead of a 100-mile race
6. The 9am start time is a very civilized way to start a race
5. I like to support first-year endurance events
4. The new singlespeed is dying to go to a race, even if it will be the “B” bike
3. We get to visit TK, Chellie, and future Cyclocross Junior National Champ, Henry
2. An 8 hour solo effort will be great training for the Cream Puff
1. Temps should be warmer than here in the “icebox” also known as Teton Valley, ID


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Hi. I live in Eagle (5 miles from the 9-5 course). I race cross and want to come over and do Moosecross this year if possible. I am writing you because I am also a member of the team that is putting on this race. I will be working the event as well. I also just bought a Niner One 9 and have been riding the course. You will love this course. It is a Perfect SS course---gears work as well. I am originally from Pocatello and I ran across your Blog as a link off Saam Kreig's site. Let me know if you have questions. Cheers-- Brian Fuller

Dave said...

Hi Brian - thanks for the note! looking forward to it and it looks like there will be a small posse from the Fitzy Team. What gearing do you recommend for the singlespeed?

Anonymous said...

Dave---I did the Coyote Classic 2 weeks ago running a 32 X 20 (Same venue slight variation in course). That equates to 46 gear inches. I pre- rode the course last week with this combo and it was great. I thought that a 32 X 18 would be okay but probably reserved for team setup versus solo. It might be a bit steep (32 X 18) for solo but 32 X 20 would work either way. I will be out there with cowbell in hand! P.S. I worked at Teton Valley hospital in 2000 for a short stint. I loved getting off work and riding the MTB up Teton Pass and exploring the great area you folks call home. I also met Tim Kelly and raced handlebar to handlebar in cross this last season. What a great dude and a hell of a Crosser! Team Fitzy is quite a crew! See you on the 12th. If you need any help or what ever give me a buzz 208-859-0568. Brian

Hamilton said...

Oh Snap! I hear there may be some "Dave Byers is my Beatch" jerseys on the 9 to 5 course and it ain't even June yet. Time to double down on the Big Ride weekends Junky! Hoooo-AH!

Dave said...

Hami - you wanna piece of me? C'mon! You know where I will be on June 12.

doug Lowham said...

Hi Dave,
Found out about this last night. Registration ends tomorrow. Thinking about it. If you know of an empty seat and bike spot heading over a carpool ride might sway my decision to GO. In know you're connected. Thanks.
Doug L