Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I already miss the desert

Last week went by way too fast and I am already having withdrawls. Sedona is a cool place to ride a mountain bike and a stark contrast to the kind of riding I normally do. Would I go back? Definitely. The only downside is the drive from Victor, ID...about 6 hours further than St George, UT.

Our favorite loop left from the grounds of the Red Agave where we stayed

I never got a sense of what the "core" mountain bike community is like in Sedona. We only ran into one group of four guys who I know were locals. How do I know this? Because they made every effort to NOT tell us about the Hi Line trail when we were clearly looking for it and it was right under our noses. We eventually found it though. Ha. Every trail we rode was impressive from a trail building standpoint which tells me that there is a passionate and organized crew that built/is building trails there. These are not recycled cow paths through the cacti.

For a place with such incredible trails, I was expecting a more Fruita-esque cycling scene but it is quite the opposite. Cycling seems to be an "add-on" in Sedona and the golfing retirees, pink jeep riding tourists, and crystal huggers stand out the most. We stayed in Oak Creek which is 5 miles south of Sedona proper and that proved to be an excellent choice.

Next time I will try to take more pics...lots more pics. I will probably throw in an extra set of wheels too. :)


Hamilton said...

Hey, don't count out the bird watcher geeks in Sedona. A force to be reckoned with, if I do say so myself!

Unknown said...

Dave, you posted the secret trail on the internet. Doh!!!

Sorry you two didn't get the great vibe on your Sedona visit. Maybe going during the slow "off" season made it stand out more for us. Somehow, I managed to befriend the bike & bean guys and get great beta and also got lucky enough to meet one of the old timers who built many of the local trails including the secret Highline trail. Besides that, I often was on the trails before 10am in February while temps were in the fourties. The local riders I did see seemed to be suffering while I was in arm/leg warmers loving the "warm" temps.