Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Pueblo Quick Report

Holy shit, did that just happen? To say that I am stoked with 3rd place in the Men’s Solo field would be an understatement. What an experience! Executing my pre-race plan, seeing friends throw down awesome performances, participating in my first really big (I mean friggin’ huge) race, meeting some great people, and riding in the desert after riding on nothing but snow for the past two months was the perfect storm.

I had to stop for some sleep north of Salt Lake on my way home but a full race report is coming. Thanks for all of the positive vibes and well wishes!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Dave! I was glued to the live results page. What was harder, the drive or the race?

FixieDave said...


Ed said...

Great to see you, glad you made it home safely and incredible result...congratulations!!

Pics will be processed over the course of the next couple of days.


JenyJo said...

nice job team BOOBOO!!! it was a real treat to get to see you out there, and then out on course! what fire you have!


Doug said...