Monday, December 21, 2009

The year of the snow bike?

Being a snow bike nut, I have been riding throughout the past two winters even when the storms were frequent and the skiing was excellent. Some days I chose to ride the snow bike while my friends skied knee-deep powder on Teton Pass and I admit that I questioned my own sanity at times. Last year, in addition to the snow biking, I mixed in a healthy dose of backcountry skiing to satiate my lust for fresh powder and I enjoyed the variety.

Horseshoe Canyon is riding well

But this year is shaping up differently. With below average snowfall and thin coverage in the valleys, riding the snow bike is a “no brainer” right now. We have been enjoying some great riding on a combination of FS roads and even a little singletrack when conditions are right. One good storm should kick off the snowmobile trail grooming program in our area and that will open up even more riding opportunities.

For now, the skate skis are in the garage waiting for a fresh coat of wax, the backcountry gear is still in the basement, and the snow bike is freshly lubed and ready to rock.

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JayP said...

You are a nut...get those skis ready. As they say "no friends on a powder day"...hup,hup.