Monday, November 9, 2009

Local cross & cruising backroads

I have to admit that it was nice to show up to a cross race and not be in "organizer" mode for a change. The city of Rexburg, ID puts on a three-race series called the The Cube Cyclocross and the first race was Saturday. Several members of the Fitzgerald's Bicycles Team made the one hour drive to race on a sweet course that included tight corners in the trees, a steep run-up, and some off-camber singletrack. Being a small race, we all raced together in the "Advanced Men's" race and it was a blast to chase each other around the course and then relive the action afterwards over a beer. The team has a couple of cross converts this year and it is great to see. Piker, who is always fast on the mtn bike, has now decided to go fast on the cross bike and has won his last two starts. Gabe "Fiddee Cent" Klamer is crushing it on his Kona 29er hardtail with a rigid fork and cross tires as well.

I pinned it until my eyes were crossed and I thought I was seeing Elvis in the bushes...but it turns out it was T-Race gaining on me near the end.

Carbon and cross...Hmmmm

Somewhere in the middle of my race I remounted after a barrier and heard a "snap" followed by my saddle position changing dramatically. Crap! I though my seatpost had slipped but since I run a Thompson I knew this was not likely. Once finished I saw the real damage. Bummer.

We definitely maximized the daylight hours on Sunday. Michelle and I hooked up with JayP and T-Race for a hike with the Dudes (our hounds) and the Lil Dudes (their new puppies) and we explored a bit of secret soon-to-be singletrack.

After the 90 minute hike we grabbed a snack, geared up, and headed out on the bikes for a tour of some backroads including the Darby Canyon FS road.

Most of our singletrack is wet but the backroads are still good to ride

In a total rookie move, I failed to eat enough and was bonking badly by the time I rolled in. Doh!


Ed said...

I don't see any snow?


Dave said...

Ed - the hills to my right are covered in snow. :)