Monday, September 14, 2009

First ride on the Ridge Trail

The riding on the Jackson side of Teton Pass is getting better all of the time. The new Ridge Trail is only partially complete but is already well worth riding and by this time next year it will be the best ride over there.

Park in Wilson, ride up Old Pass Rd, turn right on the Phillips Connector, take the first part of Arrow, turn right on the Ridge Trail, and finish with a spin back to the car on Fish Creek Rd.

Mike was our tour guide for the day

Michelle wasn't having any fun at all

Despite the carnage early in the ride, Michelle kept smilin'

The Ridge Trail is one of the rockiest trails we have and is great technical riding in spots

One of several great view spots

There are several engineered switchbacks like this one...incredible

The stone work on this remote section blew me away


Anonymous said...

looks like a tile guy worked on that trail! That's great! Nice legs Shells... bloody mess.

Hamilton said...

the loop, you like clock or counter-clock?
(no full sentences til' recovered from Saturday!!)

Dave said...

Hami - I definitely like it least until the entire length of Ridge Trail is done and we can climb singletrack up from Fish Creek.

Kevin Dielissen said...

Great trail work! Whooz the HOTTIE with the carnage on her legs? Go Michelle!!! You Rule!