Monday, May 18, 2009

Dry dirt close to home

We finally have some dry dirt to ride close to home here in Teton Valley and I can't tell you how good it felt to ride in shorts and short sleeves and NOT be cold for a change. Michelle, Kenai, and I headed to Bench Trail Sunday expecting a little mud and possibly some snow but it was bone dry and even dusty in places. It is amazing how quickly that area dries out with a little sun.

Evidence of dry dirt

Late birthday presents are fun! Back in March, Michelle surprised me with a Niner Air 9 frame for my birthday...but they were back ordered until May. My new Air 9 frame showed up at Fitzy's last Thursday so I tore the parts off of the Alma and built up the new hotness before Sunday's ride. 23.5 lbs as it sits here.

The "Raw" finish is sweet

The top tube of the large Air 9 is the same size as my Sultan and I feel much more comfortable on it. I have always felt a little scrunched up on the Alma and I prefer to run a 100mm stem.

Michelle & Kenai approaching a huge downed tree from last week's wind storm

South Fork of the Snake River

Foals are popping up in pastures around the valley

Hot Foot Update: I slid the cleats back a full centimeter on the "one size too big" Sidis and I noticed a big improvement but I am still going to experiment with a few more things.


brandon said...

That bike looks sweet! Glad it came together for you.

Nice job on the birthday gift Michelle.

Anonymous said...

that air9 is looking killer! love that raw color.

JenyJo said...

LOVE the new PONY!!

Glad to see you got yerself some DURT.

BTW: Mr. Wendl was here last weekend.