Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not so fast my friends... what Ma Nature is saying to the residents of Teton Valley and Jackson right now after teasing us with a splash of spring last weekend. Well, she pushed the "winter" button again and must have kept her finger on it for a while because we got a whopper.

The BT Avi Forecast reported 20" of snow in 24 hours so I had no choice but to go skiing this morning before work. The trip up Glory and then down the SE Ridge was definitely an adventure due to all of the new snow, one fresh natural slide, and the nuclear wind at the top.

Yesterday afternoon just as the storm was ramping up I snuck in snow bike ride up Pole Canyon and was surprised to find mostly rideable trail which means the downhill was super-sweet!

It is still very wintry up Pole Canyon

Since returning from AK, I have been planning to attempt the 107-mile Togwotee Winter Classic loop. Earlier in the week the weather looked to be a "go" but then the forecast got snowier AND I learned that all grooming operations for the Dubois, WY side of the route have ceased for the season. Maybe with last night's storm Mother Nature is trying to tell me something. Hmmm.

Overnight gear is ready to go

The current forecast is just one of many variables in this weekend's adventure

I am pretty sure this is not the weekend to attempt the 107-mile loop. However, it still could be a good weekend to get some quality overnight snow bike touring experience. Or, it could be an incredible backcountry ski weekend instead. Doh!


Mr.B said...

I've been wondering if you were going to make it happen. Have fun this weekend anyway.

Anonymous said...

what sort of lighting system are you using?

Dave said...

Epic - I use a Lupine Wilma