Friday, February 13, 2009

The Pre-Su

The last couple of days in AK have been nice and mellow. Since I need to turn the lights out in a few, I will leave you with a few pics from my pre-Su days.

It makes me happy to see so many Phat bikes in one place

A FatBack Cruiser!

As with any heavyweight bout, there was a weigh-in

Brooks does a good job with the racer's briefing

A pre-ride today to check out conditions and spin the legs out

I am intentionally not going to say anything about the conditions, the forecast, or the friggin' volcano...because none of it matters at this point. It is time to race.

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Jill Homer said...


Congrats on finishing it what must have been pretty tough conditions. (I'm basing this assumption on the finishing times and the posted tempeartures. 37 in Wasilla? Ouch.)

We had high-30s and rain during the 2006 Susitna 100. I'll never forget how frustrating that was. Trail that was rideable hours earlier turned to absolute mush. So congrats again on coming up here and gittin 'er done.