Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It is probably a safe assumption that every race promoter has moments where they question what they are doing. Is it worth the time and effort? For me, race promotion is not about the money and never will be. It is about giving back to a sport that I love. A story has unfolded this fall that adds a new level of motivation for me to continue to organize races.

Meet Adrian, 9 years old

Adrian lives in Victor, ID just a block from the cyclocross course we built. As of September, Adrian was not doing well in school according to his mom.

Living close to the course, Adrian began to ride it everyday after school and heard about the Victor Cross Series races. His mom implemented a rule; he couldn't ride the course after school until his homework was done.

By the first Victor Cross Series race on October 4th, Adrian's grades were on the upswing and his mom enthusiastically shared this fact with anyone who would listen as Adrian stood by and proudly smiled. By the second Victor Cross race on Oct 18th, Adrian's mom could barely contain her excitement about Adrian's grades and his love of bike racing.

Gritty determination

Adrian's mom kept the momentum going by driving him to all three Rexburg races AND the Pocatello race where he competed against 10-14 year olds and held his own. He became part of our traveling cross posse and we madly rang cowbells while he raced and anytime he heard his name being yelled he would dig a little deeper. Greatness.

The best part: Report cards arrived just before the Pocatello race and Adrian is now doing very well in school. Great job Adrian and Mom!


Anonymous said...

Great story Dave. Another positive life change thanks to the bicycle. CX in Eagle Island this weekend, you guys going?

Dave said...

Thanks Kyle. Four of us from Victor are heading to Ogden, UT to crash the UT State Champs on Saturday. Good luck in Eagle Island.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, good luck. Looks like there will a few more races in Boise on the weekend of Dec 6th...would like to see the Fitzy crew show up for that. Kyle

Ed said...

Good story Dave!


Doug said...

Great story Dave!

Lynda Wallenfels said...

oh that is cute

YuriB said...

That is awesome!Some good karma there.