Thursday, September 4, 2008

Turner Bikes makes big change for 2009

Turner just announced their 2009 lineup by launching their new website.

I have been a loyal Turner Bikes fan since 2004 when I bought a Turner 5 Spot with a Horst Link suspension design and 5" of travel. Since buying that bike I have de-volved into an endurance race nut and my bikes have been getting progressively lighter. My preference for Turners have been based on the following:

-proven suspension design
-awesome customer service (needed it only once)
-bushings instead of bearings
-clean cable routing
-respectable weights for the frames intended use
-great ride quality

The BIG news is the switch to the DW Link suspension for 2009

I understand the move to longer-travel Sultan, but I was hoping for a "race" version as well

When I look at this year's lineup, I don't see a bike that makes me want to sell anything I currently have. My current "dream bike" looks like this:

- 3" rear travel
- 5.25# frame w/shock
- 29" wheels
- 73 degree seat tube, 71 degree head tube w/100mm F29 fork
- Bushings, not bearings
- Classic Turner quality

Selfishly, I was hoping for at least one "race" model in their 2009 lineup. I guess the Flux could be considered their endurance race frame but it doesn't push the limits of weight and travel enough in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Big change is correct. I'm not sold on the dw or the appearance.

Dave said...

b-shizzle - I have never ridden a DW Link bike so I can't comment there but I do like the looks of the new bikes a lot. The RFX is really good looking in my opinion...I just don't have the nuts for a 6+' bike. Ha!

Dave Harris said...

Why bushings over bearings?

Dave said...

dh - I love a quiet bike. Here is the scoop from the Turner FAQ section:

Q: Why does Turner use bushings (Journal Bearing) instead of
the hyped up bearings that other bike brands use?

A: The journal bearing design offers incredible strength and long life with very little maintenance. Bearings are designed with high-speed rotation in mind (skateboard wheels, drill motors etc.) The journal bearing we use has a purpose of holding a very tight tolerance along with carrying a load much greater than that produced by a bicycle frame, these two attributes we feel are essential to a great riding bike. The rear of our frames often gets praise for how stiff it is laterally and how well it tracks through the roots, ruts, and rocks encountered on a mountain bike. Because a bearing found in a bike pivot never makes a full rotation, you rely on two maybe three of the balls in the cartridge to carry the entire load and pressures generated by the rider. Over time this is what creates that "crunchy" feel or "squeaky" sounds people often comment about. Bearings are also made of steel, steel rusts after being exposed to water, grit and grime, again found in our everyday riding. So long lasting, tight tolerance and incredible load bearing capabilities are why we have chosen to stick with journal bearings.

grannygear said...

I agree. I liked the look of the old bikes better, but that is pretty subjective. However, the Sultan was on my short list when I was FS 29er shopping (before I bought my 3" Lenz Lev). I would not put the new Sultan on that same list.

I guess we are in the minority as to where the market is going.

Dave said...

GG - I totally agree. I love my 08 Sultan but the new Sultan would not be on my list either.
How do you like your 3.0 Lenz? What fork do have on it?

grannygear said...

I am very happy with the 3" Lev. It is all the squish I need for my neck of the woods and the way I ride. I value a great climbing ride and it is a willing partner, as long as the Propedal is on. Very smooth, balanced bike. Balance is very important...underrated IMO.

I went cheap and put a used, classic Reba at 100mm. I am pleased with it, but I would not mind a slightly...very slightly quicker front end, so the long term plan is to go with a 45-ish mm offset fork and a better-than- the-normal QR hub/fork interface. Like the newer Reba/Maxle.

We shall see.

Enel said...

Racer x 29er meets your criteria (excepy bushings)

I would get the Lev, however,