Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Weekend

Going into Saturday's planned 6-hour ride I was already a bit cooked from the previous week of hard riding and wasn't sure how I'd feel. Hooking up TraceyP and J9 for a tour of new-to-me trails was energizing and I got stronger as the day went on. I have to admit, the ladeez were crushing me on the initial climb and only an hour into it I was questioning whether I could keep up with them for another 5 hours. Luckily I finally warmed up and the diesel kicked in. The ladeez were rocking the techie descents all day long. Watch out for TraceyP & J9 at the 24 Hours of Targhee!

Quick Route Summary:
Start - Stagecoach in Wilson
Up Old Pass Rd to Phillips TH
Out Arrow Trail
Back on Arrow Trail
Back to Old Pass Rd
Up Old Pass Rd to Blacks
Down Blacks (Yeeehaw!)
Down bike path to Wilson
Refill water at Stagecoach
Up Old Pass Rd to Phillips TH
Out Arrow Trail (yes, again, it was that good)
Down Phillips Trail to Fish Cr Rd
Fish Cr Rd to Wilson

6,500' of climbing according to Polar
7,350' of climbing according to Training Peaks

The new Arrow Trail is wonderful! Huge thanks to the Boy Scouts.

Moose Cross trail work

Sunday was a work day on the Moose Cross course. Thanks to Eric, Jeff, Pete, Bergy, JayP, Amanda, and Nate for the help.

The course is shaping up nicely and now needs a little moisture and some rolling/packing to firm things up. We removed a lot of rocks and cut in a new section connecting two key features on Sunday.

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