Sunday, November 4, 2007

Extending the season

Although temps at night are now consistently dropping down into the low twenties, the days have been cool and gorgeous. The weather makes me want to ride more than it makes me want to stalk elk in the timber.

I hooked up with JayP and T-Race (Tracey Petervary) for an awesome road ride today from Wilson, WY into Grand Teton Park and back.

JayP sportin' the retro wool & retro Carerra melon protector.

The handsome couple on Teton Village Rd.

I was smiling until we turned around and Jay dropped the hammer into the stiff headwind. Ouch...but in a good way.

I would love to get another ride or two in on the dirt but the heavy rain we got last week may have closed out our mtn bike season unless I ride very early before the mid-morning thaw. Jay and I might try to recon of a piece of the snow bike course this week as well. It would be great if the weather turned in a hurry and we switched from road biking to snow biking in a matter of days. For now I am content taking whatever the weather gives me.

My elk season goes until the end of November so I am not too anxious yet. In most years we get a good storm or two around Thanksgiving and that is when I get serious about stalking them in the snow. For a hunter on foot, a foot+ of fresh snow levels the playing field a bit; your steps become quiet, the elk stand out against a white backdrop, most ATVers get discouraged, and the snow will tell you how old the tracks truly are.