Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Time of transition

In between the rounds of 40 degree rain and early snowflakes, we have had some gorgeous fall days and I have tried to take advantage of them. During last week's good weather I rode 6 our of 8 days with every ride falling into the category of simply "fun".

It is hard to say which I like the best; mountain bike rides on yellow aspen leaf-covered singletrack or crisp road bike rides where the fall colors sourround you.

One of our road rides in Grand Teton National Park to the top of Signal Mountain
Last week I realized that I was not as recovered from my 24 hour race as I thought I was. Riding was fun, and I was mentally into it, but I just didn't have much "onion" when I really tried to stomp on it. And for now, that is perfectly fine. My next planned race is in 2008 and a little break would probably do me some good. I may head down to Moab for the WRiad ride on Oct 27th in hopes getting in one more big ride in the sun and meeting a whole pile of great people at the same time.
Or, I may stay home, ride a little, and see if I can outsmart the elusive elk this year.

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