Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fall has landed

The leaves are starting to change and the temps are dropping here in Teton Valley, ID. After an unusually hot summer here, this weekend's riding in knickers, long sleeves, and even a vest has been a nice change.

Saturday's ride was a night ride up at the Ghee with fellow 24 hour racers JayP, TraceyP, Nate, and Matt. We did some laps on the 24 Hours of Targhee race course and got our lights dialed in. I think it is safe to say that we will all be bringing every piece of cold-weather cycling clothing we own to the race.

Sunday morning Michelle and I got up early to ride Mill Creek before she had to head off for a work function. It was 42 degrees when we started our ride in Teton Canyon! Now that the cows are gone, Mill Creek is in perfect condition.

Lots of pre-race stuff to work on now. Replacing shift cables & housing, bleeding brakes, changing tires and organizing the gear will occupy much of my free time this week. I am really looking forward my first 24!


Geoff said...

good luck this weekend. that's awesome that you were able to get out on a test run on the course at night. it's going to be nice already knowing what to expect from your lights on the exact course and to have a sense of just how cold it will be.

after eating a lot, sleeping a lot, and fine tuning the bike this week you should be ready to roll. hope it goes well for you and i'm looking forward to reading about it next week.

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Race week of a 24-solo is always full of details. Soundsl ike you are on top of it.

FixieDave said...

Good luck!

Have Fun!

Ride hard!

Have a moose drool afterwards =)