Sunday, June 10, 2007


24 Hours of Steamboat - Quick Post

I had a great race and learned a ton. Here's the quick summary of my race with a full report to come soon.

7 Laps
15,400' of climbing
12 hours, 10 minutes
5th Place, 12 Hour solo men


FixieDave said...

Very Nice! Thats an impressive 12 hours of riding!!

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Nice job Dave. Redemption is always a sweet taste.

Dave Harris said...

Awesome Dave. I couldn't make it up there but I was pulling for ya remotely. Glad to hear you rippppped it and felt good!

Ed said...

Congrats Dave! It's awesome to get a great result in an event like that after the KT attempt. Good job!


Grizzly Adam said...

Good on ya! That is a BUNCH of climbing to do in 12 hours. Impressive result.

JenyJo said...

Way to set your self up, and rock it!!! Looking forward to the full report. REALLY glad to hear you did so well. Hope it felt good and that recovery is well under way!