Thursday, June 28, 2007

Aspens, Singletrack, and more GDR drama

Go JayP!!! If you don't know what I am referring to with that statement then please remove your head from sand hole it has been burried in and tune into the GDR right now. JayP is still out in the front but Matt Lee is not caving in by any means. The slow stretch bewtween the Colorado border and Cuba, NM has definitely slowed our leaders down a bit which means the GDR record is no gimmee for JayP. Based on the intel I have from Jay's call-ins to Mrs. JayP, JayP is very concious of his pace and where he stands in relation to Matt Lee and the record. Knowing Jay, he is going to turn it up a notch between Pie Town and the finish and won't sleep much. That sounds so simple but it is still 330 freakin' miles through the rotisserie oven they call New Mexico!

I am bummed to see Rick Hunter drop out today as he was riding a strong race and seemed to overcome the inevitable low point back in Wyoming. Congrats on a great ride Rick!

I can't stare at the computer waiting for GDR updates ALL the Michelle and I got out for a fun ride up at the 'Ghee tonight. The trail beavers have been busy and there are some new, fun connector trails up there. Did I mention that Grand Targhee has announced the 24 Hours of Grand Targhee for Sept 15-16th, 2007? More on that soon.

As you can tell from this pic, Michelle wasn't having any fun at all. Ha!
Tomorrow morning I will be dropping the hammer on this little section of pavement.

Friday 9:00am Edit: JayP calls in from Pie Town, NM at 8am this morning where he is having a big breakfast. I am guessing he got some good sleep last night and will make a big push now to finish this thing out


Chris said...

Wow go JP! Fun race to watch and thanks for the extra updates :)

Geoff said...

Go Jay Go!!

Ed said...

Great stuff going on with Jay, who's throwing everything he's got into winning and setting a record, and Matt who's not letting this one go without a fight.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I'm on the edge of my seat.


Jill Homer said...

Thanks for the "intel." You definitely had the scoop on JayP this year. It seems like he had the whole thing mapped out from the start, and executed it perfectly. Only 300 miles - seems like nothing can stop him now.

Go JayP!