Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Time to get creative

The weather gods are going to make it challenging to log serious saddle time this week but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Option #1 - If the temps drop down to 32 degrees or below I am SO riding the FatBike

Option #2 - Rollers + fan on high + ipod shuffle

Option #3 - If 45 degrees or warmer, ride outside whether it rains or not. I don't do 38 degrees and raining unless I am caught out in it and have to make it home.

With a 90 minute roller ride this morning I already feel ahead. Bring it on! My indoor trainer music recommendation of the day is Metallica "S&M". The combination of Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony just works.


Geoff said...

you don't do 38 and raining? I reccomend that you don't ever move to juneau. up here it's 38 and raining half of the year, and the other half it's 38 and snowing.

Dave said...

I think the coldest I have ever been in my life was on a road bike ride, in the rain, when it was 39 degrees. If I had to ride in it I guess I would get some pvc raingear and a fixie w/fenders. :)